Dear Guests and Visitors ,

Welcome to the Laguna College of Business and Arts!

WHAT WE COLLECT. We collect basic information about you by asking you to sign in on our official log book and require you to deposit a proof of identity (ID) for verification purposes. Video footage is also being recorded via a CCTV system installed in all campus entry and exit points.

WHY WE COLLECT THEM.. While we collect the data primarily as a security measure, they also help us investigate reported violations of school policies and other applicable laws, and generate statistics useful for planning and service improvement purposes.

HOW WE USE, STORE, AND RETAIN THEM. Your data are kept in a place inside the school where at least one security personnel is on-duty 24/7. Only authorized and security personnel of LCBA have access to them. We dispose of the log books two (2) years from the date of collection, unless required by law to retain them for a longer period. CCTV footages, on the other hand, are stored for a maximum of thirty (30) days. The recorded video will automatically overwrite the oldest recorded videos once the storage space runs out. After the retention period, the recorded videos will be deleted properly from the hard disk of the computer so that this is no longer recoverable or reproducible. We do NOT transfer or share your personal data with other persons or organizations, unless required or permitted by law.

HOW YOU MAY EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS. You have rights under the law regarding your personal data. If you have some questions, you may send it to the Data Protection Officer at or visit LCBA Corporate Development Office.


The Laguna College of Business and Arts ensures that all its clients’ personal data are protected. It values the privacy rights of all LCBA students and their parents/guardians as data subjects. Pursuant to Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, LCBA collects and processes personal data for legitimate purposes only.

INFORMATION COLLECTED.The LCBA College Department collects, stores, and processes personal data from new students, transferees, and old students. These include:

• Personal Information such as name, program and major, birthdate, birthplace, status, age, gender, religion, name of the school last attended, and signature

• Contact Information such as cellphone/telephone number as well as the details of the contact person in case of an emergency such as name, address, and cellphone/telephone number.

• Family Background including the information of parents such as name, age, citizenship, home address, educational attainment, occupation, company address, and marital status of the parents

• Personal information from birth certificate (NSO/PSA), report card, etc.

• Photographs and videos captured by cellular phones, digital cameras, and professional camera during school events

• CCTV recording upon entrance and within the vicinity of the school

• Health records, psychological evaluation results, disciplinary records, and physical fitness information conducted by the school nurse

• Interviews, entrance examination results, guidance assessments, special needs, etc. from the Guidance & Testing Center

USE OF INFORMATION.The collected personal information will be used only for the following purposes:

• Processing of enrollment and registration;

• Verifying authenticity of student records and documents;

• Supporting students’ well-being and providing medical services and guidance counselling;

• Monitoring and reporting students’ progress, processing of evaluation, examination results, and grades

• Processing and generating statements of accounts;

• Evaluation for board examinations;

• Processing of application for graduation;

• Phone numbers to be used in communication only e.g. announcements, and the like.

• Posting or displaying academic and non-academic achievements within the LCBA’s premises and/or website;

• Marketing and promoting LCBA, its students, and other academic and non-academic student and/or school activities inside and outside the campus;

• Providing Library services, running an outreach program, family council purposes, job postings, and internships; and

• CCTV recording for security purposes only.

INFORMATION SHARING.Personal data under the custody of LCBA shall be disclosed only to authorize recipients of such data. Sharing of personal data to other departments within the school shall be for legitimate purposes only under the Data Privacy Act of 2012. Otherwise, personal data to third parties will be shared other than parents and/or guardian on record, only with consent, or when required or permitted by policies and applicable law, such as with:

• Regulatory authorities, courts, and government agencies like Commission of Higher Education;

• The Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA), a service organization which accredits academic programs that focuses on self-study and evaluation and on the continuing improvement of educational quality;

RETENTION OF INFORMATION• The student academic records are kept by the Registrar’s Office both digital and paper-based file. The paper-based file will be kept for a maximum of 5 years after leaving LCBA. It will be scanned and stored in the computer system for future reference.

• All students’ personal data like name, address, grades, disciplinary records, health records, and the likes will be kept for a maximum of 5 years after leaving LCBA.

• Forms filled out in the Guidance and Testing Center will be kept as long as the student is enrolled in LCBA.

• Financial and billing information are kept by the head of Cashier’s Office until the student settles balances.

When client’s personal data are no longer needed, LCBA takes reasonable steps to securely destroy such information or permanently de-identify it. Paper files are securely shredded, and electronic information is deleted and Secure Erase is applied so that this is no longer recoverable or reproducible.

CCTV videos will be kept for a maximum of 30 days. The recorded video will automatically overwrite the oldest recorded videos once the storage space runs out. After the retention period, the recorded videos will be deleted properly from the hard disk of the computer so that this is no longer recoverable or reproducible.

CLIENTS' RIGHT AS DATA SUBJECT. Clients have the right to be informed, object to processing, access and rectify, suspend or withdraw personal data, including, any such information held by third parties, with whom LCBA has a data-sharing agreement; and be indemnified in case of damages pursuant to the provisions of the DPA and its IRR. If client wants to exercise any of his/her rights, or if he/she has any questions about how LCBA processes personal data, Data Protection Officer should be contacted via email at or personally visited at the Risk Management Office located at the 2nd Floor of the Mario Llamas Building. If one has concerns or complaints about the way LCBA collects or uses personal data, the client should bring concern to the aforementioned office the first instance or directly to the National Privacy Commission.