The LCBA Center for Research and Development (CR&D) was founded to provide opportunities for our stakeholders from various departments, in their successful pursuit of academic excellence and professional growth through multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and policy-relevant research. The Center regularly plans, designs, conducts, coordinates and evaluates mentoring programs, workshops, seminars and lectures for various clienteles while propagating a dynamic research culture in LCBA and the society.

The Center for Research and Development envisions itself as the multidisciplinary knowledge-generating unit of LCBA for faculty, non-teaching staff, and student research undertakings that would impact existing policies and practices in education, business, and arts consequential to social and personal transformation.

To provide opportunities for faculty and students to actively participate in research capability-building, productivity, dissemination, and utilization with the end-in-view of impacting policies and practices in education, business, and arts

The LCBA Center for Research and Development is committed to upholding ethical practices and providing superior quality service to its stakeholders through persistent enhancement of processes and systems in research.

To achieve the fundamental thrust of the LCBA Center for Research and Development, it shall encourage faculty, students, and staff to:

■ Conduct research projects on multiculturalism in schools and equitable pedagogical practices;
■ Conduct research projects aimed at discovering innovations in instructional delivery and supervision;
■ Conduct research projects on transformational/transitional outcomes-based education;
■ Conduct research projects on faculty and student research needs;
■ Conduct research projects library needs as well as discovering approaches that maximize library utilization;
■ Conduct research projects aimed at determining and addressing staff needs;
■ Conduct research projects identifying the feasibility of improving or providing new laboratories and facilities;
■ Conduct research projects on school plant safety and security;
■ Conduct research projects that discover groundbreaking mechanisms that result to paramount efficiency and effectiveness of administrative systems;
■ Conduct research projects aimed at determining the needs of the adopted community, thus, providing information for the development of a sustainable and community-empowering extension program; and
■ Conduct Graduate Tracer Studies whose results provide guidance to LCBA’s strategic planning efforts.
■ Conduct research projects aimed at achieving their respective departmental research priorities and objectives.

The LCBA Research Center further establishes the following agenda which are aligned with the preceding goals and thrusts:
■ Development, validation and implementation of programs for improving quality education;
■ Inputs as basis for policy implementation and decision-making;
■Incorporation of research as a vital component in academic programs;
■ Identification of and research on key educational policy issues;
■ Identification and research on curriculum improvement of respective academic programs.

Accreditation and Affiliations