All LCBA-SGS students are required to enrol in Thesis Writing after the completion of all academic requirements and passing the comprehensive examinations. The student has to secure an Application form for Enrolment in Thesis Writing from the Dean’s Office.

Thesis Writing Units

Seminar in Thesis Writing taken before the Comprehensive Exam is given a credit of three (3) units after a successful proposal defense of Chapters 1, 2, & 3 by the candidate before an oral examination committee/panel. Students enrolled in Thesis Writing, a six-unit course after incorporating the completion of the thesis Chapters 4 and 5 (or with Chapter 6, for certain outputs) and its final defense before the same members of the panel or those to be determined by the SGS Dean.

Final Grade for Thesis

After the successful defense, and having done the necessary revisions, the student is given a final grade of Passed and earn the equivalent units for Thesis Writing. Prior to completion and the successful defense of the thesis, the adviser does not give any grade at the end of every term, but only indicates that the work is in progress in the grading sheet.

Enrolment Schedule

Enrollment schedule for STW and Thesis Writing is based on the Completion Timetable stated on pages 23-37 of this handbook. The sequence must be strictly followed, such that: 9.4.1Seminar in Thesis Writing (3 units) is enrolled either after all basic, cognate, and major courses had been completed and passed; or, enrolled concurrently with not more than two (2) major courses on the second year. 9.4.2 Thesis Writing (6 units) is enrolled only if: 1.) all academic requirements, including STW has been completed and passed; and 2.) the Comprehensive Examination had been taken and passed (please refer to p. 44 of this handbook for provisions appertaining to the Comprehensive Examination). 9.4.3 The dean sets the deadline for the Final Research Presentation and allocate enough time for the candidate to prepare and submit the six (6) final copies of the thesis after integrating all the recommendations forwarded by the members of the panel of evaluators. Only upon the submission of the signed hardbound theses can a candidate be eligible to join the graduation ceremony. 9.4.4 Students who are not able to successfully present their thesis and submit the signed theses will have to enroll again and will continue to do so every term until such time that the candidate fulfils all the requirements.

Thesis Writing Fees

The student pays the miscellaneous and research supervision fees during the term of enrolment. The student also pays other applicable fees specified as follows:
(Chapters 1, 2, & 3)
(Chapters 4 & 5 + Output)
Adviser Php 3,500 Adviser Php 3,500
Panel Chair 1,500 Panel Chair 1,500
Panel Member 1 1,000 Panel Member 1 1,000
Panel Member 2 1,000 Panel Member 2 1,000
Note Taker 300 Data Analyst 3,000
School Fee 1,200 Language Editor 1,200
TOTAL per Student Php 8,500 Format Editor 500
Note Taker 500
School Fee 2000
TOTAL per Student Php 15,500

Thesis Writing Process

  1. Proponent submits a Research Concept Paper to the Dean/Research Coordinator
  2. Dean/Research Coordinator Recommends the Concept Paper for Approval of the Research Director
  3. Research Director assigns a Research Adviser (for Student Research)
  4. Proponent submits a Research Gantt Chart (Proposal) to the Research Adviser
  5. Research Director assigns a Chairman of the Panel of Evaluators for Proposal Presentation
  6. Research Director assigns a Member of the Panel of Evaluators for Proposal Presentation
  7. Proponent presents the proposal
  8. Chairman submits a Summary of Research Proposal Suggestions and Recommendations
  9. Panel Member submits a Summary of Proposal Suggestions and Recommendations
  10. Research Director submits a Summary of Proposal Suggestions and Recommendations
  11. Panel of Evaluators submits accomplished Evaluation Rubric for Research Project Proposal
  12. Research Ethics and Integrity Board approves the Proposal
  13. Research Director approves the Proposal
  1. Researcher submits a Research Gantt Chart (Final Paper)
  2. Chief Quantitative Data Analyst assigns a Statistician; Chief Qualitative Data Analyst assigns a Qualitative Data Analyst
  3. Researcher Presents the Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations
  4. Chairman submits a Summary of Suggestions and Recommendations for Final Paper
  5. Panel Member submits a Summary of Suggestions and Recommendations for Final Paper
  6. Research Director submits a Summary of Suggestions and Recommendation for Final Paper
  7. Panel of Evaluators submit accomplished Evaluation Rubric for Final Presentation and Manuscript
  1. Research Director assigns Content/Grammar Editor
  2. Research Director assigns Format Editor
  3. Research Director Recommends Paper for SGS Refereed Journal Publication
  4. Researcher applies for International/National Paper Presentation and Publication
  5. Accounting Office releases of Research/Publication Incentive for External Publication

Accreditation and Affiliations