Grade Equivalent and Interpretation

1.00	-	97-100			Excellent
1.25	-	94-96			Very Good
1.50	-	91-93			Good
1.75	-	88-90			Fair/Pass
2.00	-	85-87			No credit
2.25	-	83-84			No credit
2.50	-	81-82			No credit
2.75	-	78-80			No credit
3.00	-	75-77			No credit
4.00	-	70-74			Failed
5.00	-	lower than 70		Failed
INC	-	Incomplete		Incomplete
W	-	Officially withdrawn	Officially withdrawn
UW	-	Unauthorized withdrawal	Unauthorized withdrawal

Grading Policies

Subjects with grades below 2.00 shall be reenrolled/repeated. A grade of Incomplete becomes 5.00 which means failed If not complied/ completed after one (1) semester. Completion form shall be filled-out upon complying with the missed requirements in respective subjects.

Failure due to absences (FA) is given to students if absences exceeds more than twenty percent (20%) of the total class hours. It is therefore tantamount to a grade of 5.00.

Hence, a grade of UW (Unauthorized Withdrawal) is equivalent to 5.00.

In case of inconsistency with the grades indicated in the grading sheets and in the class records and class cards issued to students, the ones in the grade sheets become official and final.

Unsettled accounts and/or obligations of students warrant non-release of semestral grades and/or any document/record.

Grading System

Subject Grade
	Midterm					-	50%
	Final Term				-	50%

Components of Grades
	Class Standing				-	60%
	(Performance Tasks, Research Output,
	Class Recitation and Participation)
	Summative/Periodic Exam			-	40%

Computation of the Final Grade

	Midterm + Final Term	=	Final Grade


The student in any graduate school program should maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 1.75. The student’s progress shall be monitored every term. Upon completion of eighteen (18) units, a student who fails to meet the required minimum cumulative GPA will be dropped from the program.

At any point during his/her stay in LCBA, a students who incurs three (3) failing grades is automatically dropped from the program.

Residency Requirements

To complete a graduate degree program, a master’s student is given a maximum of six (6) years, including thesis/feasibility project from the time of he/she first enrolled. Hence, students from places other than the CALABARZON are given a period of seven (7) years.

A student, who goes beyond the maximum allotted time of residency, shall be required to take (1) refresher course for every year of extension for a maximum of three (3) years in the case of master’s level and five (5) years in the case of doctoral level.

These rules apply provided the student satisfies the policies regarding academic standing retention. However, in the case of doctorate programs, students are given maximum of eight (8) years from the first term of matriculation.