To be the center of a transformative, innovative and relevant lifelong learning that equips students with 21st century knowledge, skills and attitudes essential in their pursuit of higher academic degree, gainful employment and entrepreneurship.


To design and implement a holistic performance-based academic experience suited for SHS students engaging them in meaningful learning experiences and utilizing authentic learning tools and real-life situations to prepare them for more complicated and globally challenging endeavors.

Quality Objectives

To be the center of transformative, innovative and relevant lifelong learning, LCBA aims to:

  1. develop in our learners information media and technology skills; learning and innovation skills; effective communication skills, and life and career skills;
  2. foster the leaners’ academic and technical competencies pertinent to their chosen field of specialization;
  3. provide the learners relevant exposure and actual experiences in their chosen strand;
  4. produce research-oriented and life-long learners; and,
  5. design and execute community extension programs that would help the learners address the community’s concerns and challenges.

Accreditation and Affiliations