LCBA JHS is projected to be the precursor of a transformative, innovative, and life-changing learning that prepares students with the essential knowledge, skills, and values necessary for furthering their education in the senior level.


To craft and implement an integral learning program to achieve the objectives of the government’s K to 12 curriculum in the Junior level through task-and-outcome based activities employing authentic learning materials and everyday life-situations.

Quality Objectives

To be the precursor of a transformative, innovative, and life-changing learning, LCBA aims to:

  1. mold the students into well-rounded individuals through a holistic academic program that promotes their mental, physical, spiritual, social, cultural, and moral growth and development;
  2. equip them with the life-long knowledge, skills, and values in their pursuit of higher education;
  3. assist the students in discovering their potentials and using them in the service of God, country, and their community.
  4. imbibe in the students a sincere and fervent love of country and its people; and
  5. develop in them a sense of committed leadership and service that will make them disciplined and responsible human beings.

Accreditation and Affiliations