LCBA strives to become the College of first choice in the City of Calamba, Laguna—the leading higher education institution that engenders a transformative impact on its students and the society through outcomes-based education, policy-relevant research, and community-empowering extension.


To create a transformative outcomes-based educational experience for students focused on strong leadership, problem - solving, communication, intrapersonal, and interpersonal skills anchored on multidisciplinary knowledge.


LCBA is committed to delivering superior quality service to its stakeholders through continual improvement of processes and systems in all strategic areas, namely, faculty, curriculum and instruction, research, library, laboratory, physical plant and facilities, student personnel services, organization and administration.


To secure the position of LCBA as the College of first choice in the City of Calamba, Laguna College of Business and Arts is guided by the following quality objectives:

  1. Promote diversity and equity among students;
  2. Employ experientially and academically aligned educators;
  3. Effectually implement outcomes-based education in curriculum development, delivery, and assessment;
  4. Prioritize policy-relevant faculty and students research projects;
  5. Ensure updated and adequate library holdings and maximized library utilization among faculty and students;
  6. Maintain highly competent and supportive staff;
  7. Guarantee the provision of state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities;
  8. Provide a satisfactory, conducive, and safe learning environment;
  9. Prompt efficient and effective administrative systems;
  10. Design, initiate, monitor, and evaluate a community-empowering extension program; and
  11. Produce globally employable graduates.

Accreditation and Affiliations